January 29, 2021

2021-02-08 | 18:49:55

"Very good food, clean facility, awesome staff,, and following the covid protocols all the way. It's a real gem in the local area."
January 28, 2021

2021-02-08 | 18:50:09

"Never disappointed!!! Delicious food!!! Great service!!!"
January 14, 2021

Terry | 2021-01-12 22:29:20

"It was our first time at The Hornest's Nest today. The whole experience was awesome. Everyone working was so friendly. The pizza, tuna and cheese steak sandwiches were delicious. Thank you"
January 6, 2021

2021-02-08 | 18:50:28

"So I am new to North Reading just opened a small repair shop have tried many places around the area I called the Hornets nest for a simple steak and cheese sub was kinda expect the usual hard bread and thin fatty steak but to my surprise it was awesome bread and real pieces of steak cooked perfect with just the right amount of cheese This place has my biz and recommend to anyone wanting a real New England sub Good Job !!!"
December 26, 2020

2021-02-08 | 18:50:43

"Subs are great because they make their own bread. Wish they had a hot pastrami, I have been jonesing for one. Great subs and pizza!"